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Mandy’s on Main has been operating for 33 years now, making it one of the longest running Antique Shops in Cape Town. The present shop is in Retreat and is probably the finest of the 11 shops Mandy has opened. Each of the other 10 shops have been highly successful and popular shops as well. All the staff have worked very hard to ensure that each shop runs smoothly. The stock is top quality and is priced so that the average wage earner can afford most items. This affordability has been the very reason that each shop has been so successful. No item in the shop is marked to its maximum, but in actual fact, it is marked to the lowest possible price.

There is a wide range of furniture available. Most of the pieces are made before 1940, but some pieces are between 150 and 250 years old. Every piece is solid wood and made from brilliant woods like Oak, Yellowwood, Oregon, Teak, Mahogany and Stinkwood. All the pieces are fully restored before the customer collects them and should the customer wish to change something on the piece, this is often done at no extra cost. When the customer cannot find exactly what they require, then they are offered a custom-made option. Restoration is undertaken on any item owned by the customer and this is always completed at very low prices. Often a customer actually says they were anticipating to pay a far higher price.

The shop also stocks huge quantities of collectables. These take the form of silver, silver plate, glass, porcelain, brass, tin, copper, leather or bakelite. All these items are old and beautiful, whether it be merely a vase or a jug, a kettle, mirror, clock, radio, candlestick or a vintage toy. The shop also stocks vintage jewellery like rings, brooches and old watches. There is also a mind-boggling variety of water colour and oil paintings, from well-known artists to total unknowns. Light fittings hang from the ceilings and these range from crystal chandeliers to deco period pieces and metal or glass pieces.

The shop is well worth a visit and this is recommended, as the stock holding is so vast that only a small portion can be displayed graphically. For example, only one table can be displayed on the website, whereas another 20 may be available in the shop. If all 20 are not suitable, then the shop will gladly make one to individual specifications.

Finally, all customers are treated with great individual care by Stacey who is the shop’s sales lady. Stacey is very highly experienced and she always gives each customer her best attention. If she needs to spend 1 or 2 hours with any customer, she is happy to do so, just to make sure that the customer leaves feeling totally satisfied and happy!
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